Back on the old I had a number of documents which I’m preserving here in this legacy post. A number of things that, while still are relevant, don’t really merit a whole new individual post per document.

  • The original documentation prepared for the Imaging Technology Laboratory detailing installation of the MTRON 7000 SSD. It details all the driver modification necessary to enable AHCI and subsequent full throughput of the SSD on the ICH8 platform: Mtron_SSD
  • Curving a CCD, Overview and Goals: Technical Note 1. A basic overview of the considerations, challenges, and state of progress regarding field-matching CCD curvature. This document should serve as a primer for why this line of work is both relevant, and important: Curving_CCD_Report
  • Twitter Exploration for AI Lab: Feasibility study for spidering, social network analysis, and further research. A primer for what the service is, how it works, how it looks, and how we can leverage it for business intelligence. PPTX: Twitter Exploration, Twitter Update
  • ECE 372 microprocessors organization and design final project. This is another Beamer class \LaTeX compiled presentation which details the design and construction of a network appliance monitor and restarter: Final Report Presentation