It’s been an awful long time since I’ve blogged anything on my personal site. I’ve been working hard and doing lots of smartphone reviews for AnandTech lately, and just haven’t found the time. That said, I do have a rather substantial backlog of ideas that I’ve been meaning to post. The first and quickest of which is how I swapped my HDD icon on OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro from the rather generic HDD icon to a more fitting SSD icon.

To begin with, I acquired an OCZ Vertex 2 120 GB SSD and installed it in my 2010 MacBook Pro. I had been waiting for a while to do this move, particularly because I find the optical drive of marginal use and decided to try an OptiBay adapter which would let me use the optical drive’s space as an other 2.5″ bay for whatever I wanted. More on that later, but I moved the MBP’s rather generic 5400 RPM 500 GB traditional platter drive into this optibay space, and stuck the 120 GB Vertex 2 where the HDD was.

Just get to how you did it already!

Cloning the drive onto the SSD was easy, everything works fine, but I was left with that generic and somewhat ugly mechanical hard disk drive icon that OS X has stuck with since forever.

First, I set out to create an appropriate SSD icon. Getting a Vertex 2 image was pretty simple, and I cleaned it up, cropped it, and added the appropriate clipping mask/alpha channel (depending what name suits you) for transparency. It’s a nice big PNG here:

Vertex 2 SSD by OCZ

The next step was changing the icon. It used to be trivially simple in OS 9 to do this, but things got a bit more complicated in OS X. To do so, I found a program named (aptly enough) “Set Icon” you can get here.

Set Icon for OS X

Pretty straightforward. Select the drive, drag an icon in, and click set icon.

Now you’ll have something like this:


Looks pretty good alongside the old icon, if I may say so myself: Pretty simple, right? Enjoy!