I am senior smartphone editor at AnandTech and an Optical Sciences & Engineering graduate from the University of Arizona.

Current Employment:

AnandTech.com Senior Editor :: http://www.anandtech.com

  • Senior Editor :: Smartphones / Displays

Past Employment:

Imaging Technology Laboratory :: University of Arizona, Steward Observatory :: http://www.itl.arizona.edu/

  • Electrical Engineering / Optical Sciences Student Intern :: Research Internship

Artificial Intelligence Lab :: University of Arizona, Management Information Systems :: http://ai.arizona.edu/

  • Electrical Engineering Research Assistant :: Student Employee :: Technical Design

MOTESS-GNAT Variable Star Survey :: http://www.egnat.org

  • Participant, Coder :: Porting IRAF/C data pipeline to PyRAF

Various Dubious Accomplishments:

  • Discovery and analysis of the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation ‘deathgrip’ condition: (1), iOS 4.0.1 signal:bars mapping update: (2)
  • Able to eat over 3 Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwiches in one sitting
  • Frequent speedtest.net runner, acknowledged by Ookla (1)
  • Contributed to Neil deGrasse Tyson deleting his “Android time is 15 seconds ahead” tweet (ok it has reappeared), which is a Motorola-specific issue (1)
  • Included in a list of top 10 mobile industry influencers (1)
  • Google Glass explorer
  • Ham Radio General class licensee: KG7GNZ

Previous Research:

My school-related research pursuits involve:

  • Senior Capstone/Thesis: Terahertz domain GRIN Rapid prototyping (PDF)
  • Spherical and aspherical plastic deformation of silicon for enhanced focal plane matching (petzval surface) and 3rd order aberration correction in high resolution CCDs.
  • Detection, characterization of variable stars using PyRAF in the GNAT data pipeline project.
  • Characterization of CCD surface structure anomalies and phenomena.
  • Applications of new low-power, low-heat chipset designs for use in guider camera computers (Intel Atom), solid state drives in environments hostile to normal hard drives.
  • Keyword searching for terrorism/cyber-warfare purposes.
  • Web spidering, spidered collection and subsequent storage design, research poster design :: WMD Intent Poster, Dark Web Poster (PDFs)
  • Twitter spidering (using gardenhose/firehose API) and analysis.


My interests are varied, but are similarly aligned with my other pursuits.

  • Digital Photography / Optoelectronics (CCD/CMOS)
  • Wireless networks (3G/4G, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, RF networks and antenna design)
  • Network security and penetration testing (security auditing, informational awareness hardening, cyberwarfare, cyberterror, botnets, etc.)


  • C,  Python, Matlab, ASM, Verilog, LAMP/web, \LaTeXe, others.

Contact Me:

  • Email: bri...@brianklug.org (Help translate some books for reCAPTCHA and get my email address)
  • Twitter: nerdtalker