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Stories from MIX10 – Impressions

Over spring break I spent an amazing – and busy – three days in Las Vegas at Microsoft’s MIX10. I got to see a complete platform reboot with Windows Phone 7 Series, some interesting news about IE 9, and most importantly got to meet ¬†some awesome people.

MIX10 Keynote Stage

I’ve been writing a lot over that time with AnandTech, which I’ll wrap up here:

  • First day MIX10 Windows Phone 7 Series Impressions – link
  • Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview – link
  • Windows Phone 7 Series: The AnandTech Guide – link
    • If you had to read any one of these, this would be the one to be. It’s over 8000 words and comprehensively wraps up the platform in my opinion.

AnandTech - Bing search hands on

There were a couple hilarious quotes that I overheard at the conference, which I think I’ll just share briefly. Keep in mind this is at a development conference.

  1. “…and we call this checkbox driven development. We can do everything we want just with checkboxes”
  2. “…and we only had to write one line of code! Just one line, and we’re done!”
  3. But my favorite: “Can I use the back button for fire? What if I really really want to use the back button?” – immediately after a presentation about how the back button is reserved for going back.

First AnandTech Story

I’ve been working on it for a while now, but I’m excited that my first AnandTech story is now up and live on the AT website here:¬†

It’s an analysis piece on Windows Phone 7 Series, and I expect more to develop as MIX10 creeps closer. There’s a lot more coming, and I’m definitely excited to write more reviews and posts. Just wanted to make note of it here.

I’ll definitely keep writing here as well!